Are you addicted to Video gaming?

In today’s digital era most of the children, teenagers, and lots of other age groups spend their free time with video games. Sometimes it makes addiction that’s not only harm you physically but also mentally. So the Question is arises how long should we play video games? Keep remembering You should play but not addicted to Video gaming.
In the study of 2442 children aged 7 to 11 years, the researchers found that playing video games for one hour per week was associated with better motor skills and higher school achievement scores, but no further benefits were observed in children playing more than two hours each week.– Sep 9, 2016

When we play games, we generate traces of data which provide information on how we played. Across the almost two billion gamers in the world, this adds up to enormous, highly varied and exceptionally diverse data about human behavior.

Joining forces with the game industry, international teams of researchers have for the past few years been deciphering this data, diving into the mysteries of how people play games.

Video Game Addiction Effects

Kids who play video games much more than an hour a day may experience behavior problems, a Spanish study suggests. Though this disorder can have significant consequences to those suffering from it, its signs and symptoms can sometimes be very difficult to recognize.

How you affected?

There are two major types of video games and therefore two major types of video game addictions. Standard video games are generally designed to be played by a single player and involve a clear goal or mission, such as rescuing a princess. The addiction in these games is often related to completing that mission or beating a high score or preset standard.

The other type of video game addiction is associated with online multiplayer games. These games are played online with other people and are especially addictive because they generally have no end.

Gamers with this type of addiction enjoy creating and temporarily becoming an online character. They often build relationships with other online players as an escape from reality. For some, this community may be the place where they feel they’re the most accepted.

Some of the physical signs or symptoms of video game addiction include:
  • Fatigue.
  • Migraines due to intense concentration or eye strain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by the overuse of a controller or computer mouse.
  • Poor personal hygiene.

Some of the emotional signs or symptoms of video game addiction include:

  • Feelings of restlessness and/or irritability when unable to play
  • Preoccupation with thoughts of previous online activity or anticipation of the next online session
  • Lying to friends or family members regarding the amount of time spent playing
  • Isolation from others in order to spend more time gaming

What Causes an Addicted to Video Gaming?

Many different causes factor into video game addiction. One of the main reasons that video games can become so addictive, however, is they are designed to be that way. Video game designers, like anyone else trying to make a profit, are always looking for ways to get more people playing their games.

Is There a Test or Self-Assessment I Can Do?

The most effective self-assessment that can be done is to examine the above list of symptoms associated with video game addiction. If you find that you or someone you care about exhibits any of these warnings signs, it may be a good time to cut back on the amount of time spent gaming.


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How to overcome Video Game Addiction?

From wikihow :

Video game addiction can be very detrimental to one’s health and social life. The following is a steps list detailing how to avoid becoming addicted, and how to un-addict yourself if you are already addicted.

  1. Accept responsibility. The problem lies within the individual, not within the game. No attempt at beating ‘addiction’ can succeed until the individual accepts its existence.
  2. Identify the impact. How many hours a day do you spend playing games? Identifying the negative impacts of the addiction will help you focus on positive improvements and getting back the things that you really are missing.
  3. Avoid blame. Blaming others for problems that you alone must face does not solve the problems.
  4. Stay positive. It is important to focus on the goal and progress that you have made.
  5. Set limits. If you decide that you have one hour per day to spend playing games, stick to that.
  6. Monitor your child’s video game time. You are the parent, and thus you are in control. If your children do not listen to you, removal of the game console or setting of administrative control on the computer may allow you to better handle the problem.
  7. Look in your drawer of CDs. Are there more than 5 games that you have played in the last two months? Are these games open-ended (like Civilization, World of Warcraft, or Evil Genius)? This could be a warning sign.
  8. Add up the total hours played per week.
  9. Request that your parents put you on a strict time limit for computer playing.
  10. Find something else to do. Like meet your friends, reading books etc.

Last Words:

If you’re in also one of those who is addicted to video gaming. Please stop here and follow tips as I mentioned above.

Now as I say in all my articles please drop comments if you like this article and don’t forget to share with your social world. Happy Gaming!


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